Having Fun Isn’t Hard…When You’ve Got a LIBRARY CARD

Living in four cities within the span of five years has its perks. I have so many library cards I can almost ensure that whenever I visit a city, I’ll be able to check out a book there (not sure it would make sense to, but roll with me.)

Books are actually cool now. For most of my childhood, books were seen as nerdy and reading was something only the weird, boring kids did.

Nah. It was always something the kids with imagination did. Everybody else played video games and stopped thinking. But that’s just my opinion. *sips tea*

Books are in style right now. Reading is the chosen activity of the cool kids. If they made a third Mean Girls movie, Regina George would probably be seen reading a book in it. Maybe even Amy Poehler’s biography? That book is solid.

This year I’ve read 21 books. I’m not really sure how I found the time. All I know is I made it a priority to read someone else’s words. It became somewhat of a necessity to my creative process. If I was going to write, I needed to read. If I was going to speak on the air, I needed to read. If I was going to create anything that wasn’t terrible, I needed to pick up a book and start reading.

Along the way the little book nerd within me, a girl who was completely crowded out by awful textbooks during my 3 1/2 years of university education, found her way to the surface.

And here we are today.

If you struggle to find time to read, or if you want to read more, or if you’re just mildly curious about books, I found an app that will help. It’s through your local library (aren’t you glad that the government, in all its imperfections, created such a perfect thing as a local! library!)

Enter, Hoopla. The library app of your dreams.

It’s hard to explain. So I made a video. Hope you enjoy.




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