Poems from Midnight

What would happen if we actually said the kind of things we think at midnight during the daytime hours?

We might actually tell that person “I love you, I always have.”

Maybe we’d text someone we shouldn’t, someone we need to let go.

Whatever we’d do, we’d do it because there’s something about midnight that makes us vulnerable. Everyone is asleep, but our feelings, or thoughts, or worries – maybe some combination of all three – keep us up.

I operate best in the midnight hour. It’s my 2pm. After midnight, words seem to fly at me in a way they refuse to at any other time of the day. I write poetry that cuts straight to the heart of what I’m feeling. The other fluff gets thrown out.

I remember a specific conversation with a dear friend that stretched on far after midnight. We were sitting on my bed in Columbus spilling our guts. We were being the kind of honest you can only be at 3am…and I thought…why can’t we bring some of the magic of the early morning into our lives during the other 20 hours?

Welcome to Poems from Midnight. A collection of very sparsely edited (if at all) poems written by yours truly – you guessed it – after midnight.

Since I am also foraying into Youtube, I have created videos to go along with my first two videos. I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Welcome to my heart in words and images. I haven’t talked about memories this way before. I hope it helps remind you that you’re not alone.



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