You’ll Be Better Tomorrow. I Promise.

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Have you ever experienced a moment so uniquely wonderful that, even in the midst of it you think to yourself:

“I don’t know the next time I’m going to feel like this.”

You might try to make the most of it, but you still wince, grit your teeth in expectation, and wait for the fallout.

Moments of heaven are so fleeting. When we’re ecstatic, we get a lingering voice in the back of our heads reminding us to expect it to end: badly. Whether it’s love or a season of happiness, we expect a hard fall after the momentary high.

Taylor Swift sings mournfully, “Someday when you leave me…” 

We expect to be left, because we’ve been left before.

We’re fatalistic. We’re sure the worst is ahead. “It can only get worse from here on out,” we tell ourselves.

Love doesn’t last. Friends are temporary. People leave us. Now is all we have.

We fool ourselves into thinking the best has already happened.

The best was then. It was that moment, that day, those months, that vacation, that person.

But the most glorious part about walking with God is this: He has assured us always, regardless of where we find ourselves, that the best is yet to come. 

We trivialize this reality, I think. We don’t believe Romans 8, this truth that God works all things for our good. That it actually gets better, better even than any moment you consider your best.

This is hope. This is assurance. God doesn’t take “good” and give us sub-par. He takes good and gives us absolutely unbelievably amazing. So if you think it’s good now, just wait.

Because no matter how hard the terrifying tightrope walk to Jesus’ open arms is, no matter how loudly the crowd screams below you, desiring the drama of your plummet back to Earth, you’re safe.

Even when you’re 200 feet off the ground.

In Christ, you’re not sitting statically. You’re not a fixed dot in time. You’re not your past, or even your present. You are transient. You are continually growing, learning, morphing, transforming. You are in a glorious transition.

I committed some time ago to bettering myself through the Holy Spirit of God. I know it sounds cheesy. I know it brings to mind self-improvement mantras you learned years ago and tried to forget.

But isn’t becoming better kind of the point?

We are utterly incapable of rendering ourselves better than we were yesterday without the power of God. So here we go, committing ourselves into the hands of God to become just that…better.

Take a look back at last year. Aren’t you stronger now? Could you have handled what you’re walking through today 365 days ago?

God’s done work in you. He’s made you wiser, more confident, more bold, more loving, more generous, more passionate. You’ve grown and you’ve ached and you’ve loved and you’ve lost. And you’re better for it.

So never fool yourself into getting bitter because it’s not what it was. Or because you got hurt.

You’re better today than you were yesterday. And tomorrow you’ll be even more incredible.

So take heart.




2 Replies to “You’ll Be Better Tomorrow. I Promise.”

  1. Never been more skeptical of “God” as I am now. If anything has come from the last year, it is simply the realization that people are fucked up – all of us. But, it’s a special kind of fucked up to use religion as an excuse or disguise for the fuckery.

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