Beautiful Business

Cedarville Year 2 is in full swing.

All my dearest friends are gathered in one place, each pursuing their completely different paths in life with all their energy and gusto. Each of us is involved in at least 5 different groups: we have a group for discipleship, a small group with church, our individual orgs, campus jobs, and countless other meetings related to academics.

Oh, and we’re all taking average amounts of coursework.

Our lives are characterized by this beautiful busyness – constantly on the go, yet always looking for opportunities to sit down and enjoy one another’s company.

This too is my life.

If you were to ask me how I’m doing, I would enthusiastically say “So well”. And I’d be telling the truth.

I’m constantly infused with God’s grace here. I can’t turn to my left or right without being reminded of it.

Today I spoke to my college President Dr.White on the radio, and as he spoke his heart about what makes Cedarville University special I remembered the grace of God. He brought me here. He brought our new President here. And He is so good.

Some might visit Cedarville and feel like they’re drowning in Christianity. Everything focuses on Christ, all the time. “Do they ever talk about anything else?” some might ask.

No. They don’t. We don’t.

The more I dwell on this I realize that I am so glad, for my wandering heart’s sake, that Christ’s name echoes continually around this campus. Because I forget grace far too easily.

Recently I reached what I consider a “plateau”. It’s a plateau of contentment. It’s satisfaction in the here-and-now. It involves me picking up my ideas of my future and gathering them in a big messy heap and handing them over to the Lord.

Therefore, no more wondering about when some guy will sweep me off my feet:

Jesus says pursue my Kingdom.

No questions about whether the music business is right for me.

Jesus says I have you where I want you.

No freaking out about tomorrow.

Jesus says today is enough.

Here are some pictures, because all the books I read about having an online presence say pictures are important. Hey, and if you didn’t read my post at least you saw the pictures, right?

Fall Break Adventures: Natalie and I made art in the Columbus Museum of Art. (apparently it's getting exhibited???)
Fall Break Adventures: Natalie and I made art in the Columbus Museum of Art. (apparently it’s getting exhibited???)
Stephen Curtis Chapman show with the Broadcasting majors. Such a privilege.
Stephen Curtis Chapman show with the Broadcasting majors. Such a privilege.
My girls. They keep me sane.
My girls. They keep me sane.

4 Replies to “Beautiful Business”

  1. Hi! So I randomly stumbled across your blog a few minutes ago as I was looking up info on CU. And let me just say God is so good!
    I’m going to be a freshman at Cedarville next year and was becoming a bit nervous. I was scared maybe this was the wrong school for me or maybe I had misheard God’s call. But reading this blog post was such a gift. Hearing that God is the center, the heart, of the school and conversations was exactly what I needed to know. It’s like every doubt has been wiped away. I’m so excited to attend a school that truely lives out a relationship with Christ. Thanks so much for writing this.

    1. Mary Kate!!!

      I just read this!!!! I am so blessed that you read this at the time you did! I would love to meet you at some point! 🙂

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