Call Me Weather Girl!

Typical day at Cedarville – wake up 15 minutes before class starts, get a new Cedarville ID after losing it, walk around campus completely paranoid because we just began Assassins, spend some time in the studio with Dom messing around with rap hooks, record weather breaks with Resound.

I lost my Cedarville ID card three days ago – which pretty much prohibits me from entering our cafeteria, Chuck’s, getting scanned into chapel, and virtually everything else. The Cedarville ID to a Cedarville student is like an entire wallet to a normal person.  I’ve been surviving by mooching off friends, eating soup alone in my dorm, getting a temporary Chuck’s ID, and breaking into my bank account. What a life. Just because I misplaced my card. I’m not a forgetful person – I don’t know why this happened!!!

So today I finally surrendered – I bought a new ID for an expensive $25. Bitter. So bitter.

Today we also began a horribly delightful game called Assassins. Basically, the way you play is this: everyone in our brother and sister dorms filled out  index cards of information and an outside party created a “Circle of Death” – giving every girl a boy and every boy a girl to “kill” (stab with a plastic fork). We received our targets today in the mail. We have certain places we can’t kill one another – being class, the library, Chuck’s, etc, but everywhere else is fair game. Because of the terrifying possibility that some random guy from my bro unit would emerge out of no where and come at me with a plastic fork, I spent the entirety of my walks from here to there today looking around me a hundred times like a paranoid freak. By the end of the day, 2 of the guys from the bro dorm have already died. I feel like this is the Hunger Games – we need to sound the cannon to symbolize the day’s deaths. Let me just say: BRING IT ON.

I also spent a little time in the studio today editing an assignment. After that, Dom and I messed with a hook he wrote, me making up a random melody and him recording it. We then walked together with our friend Alex to the SSC, in the dreary rain, my flimsy umbrella flapping around and turning inside out in the wind. I felt completely protected from potential night-stalker assassins.

The boys walked me to Resound, where I was meeting with two of the department heads to record daily weather segments. Pretty much I’m going to be Resound’s resident weather girl! My job is to record segments for the morning, afternoon, and evening of every day. My first weather broadcast comes on tomorrow! Whoop-whoop!! Everybody’s got to start somewhere – who knows, someday I might be a Department Head for Resound – that’s the goal! 🙂

I’m excited for what’s to come right now. I received a package Saturday from the lovely Julie Moser, who made me 4 CDs filled with her favorite songs that she wants me to listen and respond to. I started freaking out as I opened the parcel, screeching “I THINK IT’S MUSIC, I THINK IT’S MUSIC!!!!!”. This got me quoted on Cedarville’s “Overheard” page….basically meaning that I was obnoxious and funny…not sure how to take this. I cannot wait to send Julie back a letter. I’m going to get some nice stationary – I bought a really adorable letter on Etsy – I’ll show you readers before I send it what it looks like.

My good friend Zach Muller is also coming to visit me Friday – I get to take him to chapel and around anywhere he wants to go. I’m excited to spend some time with him – it’s been a month since I’ve been home/seen him around. I miss that kid. I check his blog daily, so that makes things better. I’m also going to be on stage this weekend at Southbrook – Jason Hills, the worship pastor, sent me an email earlier this week asking me to be a part of service this weekend and I immediately made arrangements to get home. I LOVE being on stage at Southbrook. It’s always an experience – it’s one part terrifying because every service brings a congregation of about 1,000, and it’s one part exhilarating. I love talking to all the people involved in production behind the scenes as well. It feels like a production for Christ.

So…tomorrow it’ll be raining all day in Cedarville. The temperature will fluctuate from the high 50s to the low 70s midday. Keep your rain boots on, folks.

Weather girl signing off.

love in Christ,



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