For You I Sing, I Dance – Phil Wickham at Cedarville

This past Wednesday Phil Wickham visited campus and led us in worship. It was truly incredible. Phil sang with so much passion, and quite often I felt myself closing my eyes in contentment as he let his angelic voice wander to unreachable heights. I felt like I caught a glimpse of Heaven while worshiping with him. He is truly heavenly minded…his song Heaven Song just made me unbelievably excited for what’s after this life. Here’s a link to it if you desire to listen, you won’t be sorry:

I walked away from that concert feeling so great…my favorite song of the night was probably Divine Romance. I just found myself in the proper place to worship to that song most honestly. I love the chorus:

For You I sing, I dance

I rejoice in this Divine Romance

Lift my heart and my hands

To show my love

It was also Natalie’s 19th birthday – all the girls in the unit and the guys in the bro dorm chipped in to buy her a long-board – she’s completely in love with it and it was a perfect surprise! We had a crazy day – it started at 7:08am for me – Natalie woke me up earlier than usual to eat breakfast with Jake and Asa – two guys from our bro dorm. They fumbled all over themselves to serve Natalie – she got waited on like a princess. Jake made her a pancake as big as a plate on the grill with waffle mix and she managed to eat a good majority of it before she had to head to Biology. Jake and Asa also painted the rock in the center of campus in honor of her birthday – 

That made her really happy.  I didn’t work the entire day; all around classes I spent every moment with Natalie trying to make her 19th the best day ever. She kept saying, all throughout the day – as we surprised her with the long-board, after we sung happy birthday for the umpteenth time as we cut the cake, and after she received a package from back home in North Dakota from her Grandma and Mom, how completely LOVED she felt. I think that’s the point of birthdays. They’re supposed to be a complete outpouring of love – a true representation of how happy the rest of the world is that the birthday person is alive. That’s how it was with Natalie. We were all so thankful for her joyful heart, exuberant spirit, and passion for people that we just wanted to show her how much she means to us.

I wish everyday felt like a birthday for everyone else. Because birthdays seem to embody this communal love in Christ – this self-sacrificial giving just to improve the day, and ultimately the life, of another.

I think I’m going to journal to my Savior. It’s been a long, exhausting week of 1am bedtimes and crazy pranks right before curfew, of late-night conversations and last minute homework. It’s been a week of radio recording, multiple cups of coffee, and discipleship.

Right now, to me, God is my Satisfaction. I am wholly and completely satisfied within His presence.

in Christ,


**all photos credited to Jake Urben. nice job with these, man.


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