Happy 14th, Kyle!

I went back home again this weekend to celebrate my brother Kyle’s 14th birthday. 14 was one of my favorite years of life – it was directly after one of the hardest, most difficult “coming of age”- type years, so I guess I was even more appreciative of year 14 and grateful that it was so amazing. I hope 14 is amazing to Kyle. I hope he figures out who he is like I did and clings so tightly to it that others find it impossible to detach him and detrail him from who God intends him to be. I want him to be rooted in Christ and flee from temptation. 14 could be the year it all becomes real for him.

It was surprisingly nice to be home this weekend. I only say surprisingly because I am really enjoying spreading my roots here at Cedarville and everytime I go home (since I only live 45 minutes away) I’m halting the building of important relationships here. I feel like I need to be here all the time. Not only that, I love being here all the time. It’s one of those places that feels intensely special; so special in fact, that I don’t want to miss a second.

For Kyle’s birthday, we went out to Chili’s together, each of us ordering our signature dishes, mine being the fantastic Quesadilla Explosion Salad (no chicken, of course). This salad is probably my favorite eat-out entree of all time. The salad consists of lettuce topped with tomatos, tortilla strips, cheese, beans, some crazy awesome dressing, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember but love eating. Then we went home, and Kyle’s friend Josh came over for a sleepover, and we devoured this awesome cookie cake Mom got that was decorated with a basketball hoop…pretty fly, I’d say. I gave Kyle my handmade card (sidenote: I always make handmade cards) that was decorated to match Lecrae’s Gravity album and gave it to him. He promised not to read it until he got my present, which was on its way to him in the mail.

He got it today – it’s an awesome Gravity t-shirt from Reach Records’ online store. Check it out: https://www.merchline.com/reach/categorydisplay.5679.c.htm

I hope it makes him feel cool. But not too cool – humility rocks.

In other news, I’m trying to keep it together here in the collegesphere. I have an easier schedule than everyone else, apperently. I only have like two quizzes a week and despite the fact that I’m taking six classes I feel like everyone is working more hard than me on everything. I go to the library about 3 times a week and just work, but I always accomplish a lot there and find myself some with free time. I’ve picked up songwriting again, slightly, and I’ve tried writing raps with the help and inspiration of my friend Dominique, who can rap like nobody’s business.

Yesterday Dom, Joe (Dom’s good friend who’s studying to be a pastor) hung out in the studio for an hour just recording random things and messing with them on ProTools. Dominique can freestyle really well, so I recorded some of that action and then some of Joe’s hilarious beatboxing combined with his Barney voice…let’s just say you need to hear it to know what I mean. I sang a bit; which was really fun to record and then mess with on the best audio-editing program out there right now. I’m excited to see what we actually do, creatively, this year in the studio.

I’m also really excited because I’m going to be a part of the Resound Radio team this year at Cedarville as a DJ! Basically, this means you can hear me at www.resoundradio.com when I’m on-air! I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome radio station. I told Brian, one of the upperclassmen who pratically runs the station, that I genuinely like every single song I’ve heard on Resound this year. It is a perfect mix of worship and CCM music, and the CCM stuff they play is the best stuff possible – no terrible overdone stuff. I’m still going to push for some rap to be on the radio because I think it would be really popular with all the people here who love Christian rap. There’s an underground of rap fans here – I see 116 shirts everywhere I go and it makes me really excited. I feel like I’m among my people.

Life is good, God is consistently faithful, and I’m so excited to see what happens this year. It’s hard to believe I’ve almost been here for a month now. Time is already flying.

with love,



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