Quiet Hours and Full Moments

I absolutely LOVE college. My entire life (ask my parents, I’ve told them this for a while) I felt like I was supposed to be in college. I don’t know if I’m just strangely mature or I just fit really well into the college scene, but as soon as I stepped on campus I understood why. Student life here is fantastic. More than anyone, the girls in my unit are fantastic. My dorm, Printy Hall, is set up in units of four rooms, two people per room. My roommate is a girl named Casey Morrone, a tall New Yorker with insane amounts of intelligence and the most witty sense of humor ever. She’s great. She’s a Pre-med/Molecular Bio major, so I’m always intimidated by her workload and feel really lazy in comparison. It’s only the first full week of classes and I’m already intimidated! The other girls in my unit: namely, Natalie, Becca, Alissa, and Michelle, are so awesome. They’re all completely different, but they share a common purpose in coming here: glorifying Christ through the areas of study they’re passionate about. Becca is a Theater major and is super outgoing and funny. Natalie’s an Intercultural Communications major (she wants to be a missionary, how awesome is that?) and she’s pretty much the same way. They’re both extremely likeable and I’m glad they’re in my lives, although they often give me a hard time about walking around the lake (the huge one in the center of our campus) with a boy within the first week of school. Apperently, by Cedarville standards, if you walk around the lake with a boy you’re considered dating. Yeah. I’m not dating anyone. I’ll let you know if that happens though 😉

What I really love about the girls in my unit is that they inspire me to do more with myself then I would have done alone. Here’s an example. I love to sing, right? You may have seen some of the videos I uploaded onto my blog a few weeks ago of me singing. That may seem pretty gutsy, but that’s about the extent of the exposure I’ve had of my singing, at least in a public forum, within the last three years. This is for a variety of reasons, including but not exclusive to, my excessive pride, bad experiences, drama, insecurity, etc. My heart really changed in regards to my singing ability as Christ continued to better me and now I see the only place I can use my gift (and yes, I believe my singing ability is a gift, this is not me bragging – I think I’m a good singer, but by no means the best or even great) is in the form of worship to the Most High. Okay, back to the point – I love to sing. I’ve been singing a lot around the dorm and the other girls picked up on it. They encouraged me to do something muscial this year. I already knew right off the bat I didn’t want to do a choir, I detested my experiences in that arena (although I’m sure being in choir here would be 100000000x better). I decided that maybe chapel band was the right choice for me. I knew I wouldn’t make Heartsong, Cedarville’s incredible worship ministry that actually tours and pays its members. Check out Heartsong here: www.cedarville.edu/Heartsong!

So, at the urging of my friends, I try out for chapel band, which was completely terrorizing. I didn’t know coming to school that I was trying out, so I had NOTHING prepared. I spent an hour in a practice room before I tried out and finally decided to sing a really sloppy medley of “Give Me Faith” and “Come Thou Fount”. I walk into the room for try-outs, and there are 8 people, sitting at a long table, staring at me. They ask me casual questions like “What year are you?”, to which I tenatively answer “Freshman…”, and “What are you studying and what do you want to do with that degree?”, to which I answer “Broadcasting, audio and radio focus. I want to serve musicians.”. They liked that. I was feeling my nervousness slip away by the second, but I still had to take deep breaths before I started singing. I sang really loudly, with a lot of passion. Then the director, Justin Spann, had me sing with him while he played piano to “1000 Reasons” – first the melody and then HE ASKED ME TO SING HARMONY. DUH DUH DUH. (scary music preceeding a complete and total failure). I am AWFUL at harmonizing. I would actually say it’s a weakness. I’ve been working on it, however, slipping (or attempting to) into harmony during chapel worship. I actually knew some of the harmony for 1000 Reasons. THANK GOD. I walked out of the audition feeling like I did my best. That’s all I can ask, right?

I actually just learned (in the time between when I saved this draft and now) that I DID NOT make chapel band. Sad, right? Definitely. It stings a little still. I was bitter this morning when I saw the chapel band preforming. Then I realized that my God works all things together for my good! Next year, He says. Keep trying.

I’m taking it day by day, and making the most of every moment. I love it here. I don’t want it to fly by, but I know it’s inevitable.

Let’s make it last.


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