I think half the time I’ve been here on campus at Cedarville University I’ve been in a state of shock. Disbelief. I have trouble believing that this is actually happening. That I’m on the runway of my life’s dreams, waiting to take off. There are so many opportunities here, so many open doors, so many organizations to get involved in and people to meet. Already, in the day I’ve been here, I’ve met 30 new people. Not just the kind of “meeting” where you exchange names, have a quick, cursory conversation, and walk away, forgetting what you just said to each other and not even managing to remember each other’s names – no. The conversations I’m having are intentional and directed. Tonight, after our small group meetings (the entire Cedarville freshman population was scattered into groups of 10 to meet people in a wide variety of majors) my entire unit arrived back at the same time, so we sat in the small hallway between our dorms talking for an hour and a half. At first, it was just me and five other girls. Then all of a sudden girls from the unit next to us who share a bathroom came across and we had 15 girls (including one of our RAs) crowded around the hallway, talking and sharing experiences. It was awesome. I love all my unit mates so much! My roommate is also awesome – her name is Casey and she’s from New York. We met via Facebook a while ago, so we had an idea of what each other was like, but getting to know her the past two days has just reaffirmed my sure-ness that she was a great roommate pick!

I have to say, yesterday, when I moved in (YESTERDAY…that’s so hard to believe! Casey and I just agreed….it feels like at least four days since we’ve moved in), I was really intimidated. I walked into the unit and into my room and I just kind of died inside when I saw Casey was completely moved in and my side of the room looked pathetic and empty and jail-like. I was in awe of how small the room was in Printy Hall – for some reason I believed, in my mind, the rooms would be bigger. Well, as soon as I calmed down and allowed my need to organize to help me process information clearly, I started putting stuff away and moving it as I envisioned. It took a lot of adjusting, but I got everything in. I couldn’t wait to put stuff on my walls (I had so many ideas that I wanted to fufill), so I hung everything really quickly. I have a vintage map from my mom’s old atlas (it’s so old it still has the Soviet Union…hahaha), a sticky wall calandar, a mosaic made of paint samples from Lowes’, a string of Christmas lights, and a bunch of my favorite photos from Teen Vogue photoshoots. It feels cozy, small, and like home. My bed is this warm purple color…I just love walking into my dorm. I just feel like I can breathe.

Our RA Chelsea Brett made these amazing door signs for Casey and I!
My wall! 🙂 I love it so much…
Casey and I! 🙂
Paint sample mosaic!
Dorm sweet dorm.

Tonight we got our first taste of worship here at Cedarville. I had seen Heartsong (Cedarville’s amazing touring band) twice and completely adored them, but I hadn’t been to chapel worship as a student yet. Tonight we had once of the many choir’s lead worship – it was great. We sung a variety of songs – everything from the recent “Forever Reign” to the extremely old-school “Everyday”. The coolest moment came sometime in between…when I took a moment to listen to the resounding voices all around me, watch the passionate worship of the singers, that I realized how extremely beautiful of a moment it was. How reflective of Heaven it was! It was a group of God’s children, praising Him with everything inside us. I looked around at the huge chapel building, my eyes focused on the upperclassmen in the wings who were raising their hands high with abandon. Right then I was too new, too afraid to raise my hands passionately in worship. Soon enough, I thought. I’ll be worshipping in Spirit and truth. Then I’ll be able to truly sing “The Stand” – So I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned/In awe, of the One who gave it all.

I accomplished quite a few things today. I got my bike permit, I ate in Chuck’s for the first time as a student, I figured out how to long on to the secure wifi network for students, and I met even more people and had awesome fellowship. I realized even more today how excited I am to be here and to see what God has planned for me and all my friends. SO PUMPED^!


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