Hilton Head Days 3, 4, 5, and a visit to Savannah, Georgia (extremely long titles rule)

So I’m still here. Vacationing in the land of the preps – everywhere I look I see country-club attire in red, white, and blue and it makes my eyes bleed. Let’s just say my fashion taste is vastly different than that of the vacationers to this isle. Can I be honest and say that I don’t really like Hilton Head very much? Sure, it’s beautiful, but I’ve been to much more beautiful places. If anything, truly beautiful places have beautiful people. Here, I haven’t met one person, save the two people doing my mom and I’s nails in the nail salon (and even then, they barely spoke English), who seem like they’re genuinely nice. Everyone, especially the vacationers, walk with their noses in the air and only worry about themselves. What I mean is that on our horrific visits to the grocery store, everyone we see, (mostly moms looking determined) push their way through the crowds, ignoring everyone else, to check off the things on their own respective shopping list. It’s sickening.

I spend my days alternating between the condo pool and the wild waves of our backdoor beach. I have to shower obscene amounts of times at day, and my swimsuit has filled with ocean sand quite a few times. It’s really uncomfortable – believe me. Our family sometimes bikes up to the condo complex’s general store, which is really cool because we got this little bikeseat (like a carseat attached to the back of a bike) that Raulo rides in as my dad rides his bike. Raulo loves riding and he speads the entirity of the ride screaming for my dad to “GO FASTER!!!!!!”.

Yesterday I lost my nail virginity. I don’t say this to sound dirty. I just think it accurately describes my situation: I’d never before gotten my nails professionally done. There is a good reason for this – I am a constant nail-biter (I know, it’s gross), and my nails are so hideous I was always scared if I went to a nail salon the nail ladies would be talking about how ugly my nails were in their language and I would have no idea what they were saying. This is a nightmare of mine. So when I went to Hilton Head’s native Tiffany’s Nail and Spa yesterday with my Mom, I was suprisingly chipper, excited to be there, excited that I was getting pampered. I begged my Mom (who is too unselfish for words) to join me in a pedicure, and we sat side-by-side in massage chairs as we got our feet scrubbed, legs rubbed, and nails painted together for the first time (Mom had had manicures, but never a pedicure).  We walked out of the salon with pastel nails – Mom’s pink and mine mint-green, my undisputed favorite nail color, and I felt approximately 25% better about myself. Don’t ask me why having an awesome color on my toenails did this to me. It’s a girl thing that is beyond explanation.

Me getting a pedicure…
Being a goofball while waiting for my nails to dry…

I enjoyed getting my nails done. It’s actually motivating me to not bite my nails…we’ll see if I can nip this awful habit in the bud.

Today we went to Savannah, Georgia. Wow. What a beautiful city! Who cares if it’s “the most haunted city in America”??? It’s stunning – the architecture from historic time periods to the 22 city blocks that are basically tiny parks throughout the downtown area, to the city’s devotion to its Revolutionary War heroes, to its classic Southern charm. Gosh, I wish we vacationed there instead of here! I want to check out the ghost tours and wet myself, drive around the city in a horse drawn carriage, and tour some of the historically beautiful houses. Our family took a bus tour around the town, and the tour guides were so knowledgeable about the city’s history and all the landmarks. Our first tour guide was so awesome. He addressed all the riders as “y’all” so many times it made my head spin, and was overly-polite. At the same time, he really knew his Savannah. He made us feel welcome, like visitors discovering a beautiful new treasure. He made the city come alive with his vivid descriptions and historical backgrounds.

Our family also took an excesive amount of pictures during our sight-seeing adventure. I’ll share a few:

Kyle and I in Spanky’s, where we ate lunch (alongside the Savannah River).
Kyle and I in front of a cool lion that spits water.
Cooper and Kyle doing the same.
Kyle, me, and Cooper. I’m completely OBSESSED with this picture!! I love my brothers!
Me in front of a white horse…I would have gotten closer but apperently he bites :/
Kyle and I chilling on a bench approximately where the guy who founded Georgia pitched his tent and slept one time.
We stopped at a gas station on the way home from Savannah…it was next to a fireworks place with elephants in front of it. I love me some elephants…especially of the pink variety.
Kyle and the other one 🙂

So that was my last couple days. I’ll keep you posted as more occurs. 🙂

The bridge coming into Savannah…feels like “The Wizard of Oz” to me.

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