A List of Things, People, and Places I Love

I decided that so many parts of me are constituted by the things, people, and places I love. So I decided to begin a list of all the parts of me that I’ll continue as I think of more and more. These are in no particular order…just random thoughts running through my head.

<<coffee. fall evenings. sweaters. cedarville university. ichthus. immerse. nashville. music. tenth avenue north. mom. cooper. kyle. dad. raulo. alex lipinski. southbrook christian church. 9:30 service. epic. worship. give me faith. sierra smith. zach muller. cody brewer. alyssa moore. pictures. springboro high school. homecoming court. josh moser. julie moser. internship. broadcasting. christian music business. KLOVE cruises. purple bangs. katie chrisman. panera bread. emily kester. cats. goldfish. songwriting. timmy clifton. recording. dreaming. longing. sanibel island. coco cay. grand turk. heartsong. bugaboo. haley woliver. butler springs christian camp. ryan massey. lecrae. andy mineo. tedashii. jon foreman. printy hall. freedom. thrift stores. wedding planning. hairy legs. foolishness. bible study. casey morrone. the underground. centerville library. belmont university. provident records. reach records. learning. first-kiss-less. still haven’t found who i’m looking for. singing. fashion. drop dead diva. project runway. the fresh prince. kb. driving with the windows down screaming along with the radio. possibilites. the border between romance and friendship. spanish. the gospel mission. writing. journalism. chipotle. unsuccessful crushes. shopping. feeling beautiful. >>

That list is pretty comprehensive. I’m just going to add a few more details of my life.

Favorite place in the world to be: walking down the streets of Nashville with a coffee in my hand, listening to the different music pour out of the bars.

Someone I think is a lot like me: Sierra Smith. She’s passionate about Jesus Christ, outspoken, unashamed, and undeniably awesome. (although I don’t think I’m awesome)… Check out her amazing tumblr : http://loveistodismissyourfears.tumblr.com/

Someone who’s nothing like me but someone I admire greatly: Katie Chrisman. Katie is a liberal in her political beliefs and an atheist religiously. Katie’s unbelievably smart (we’re talking 34 ACT here) and will be starting at Vanderbilt this fall. She’s such a strong person. Her morals are spot-on…she fights for what she believes in. She also has great taste in fashion and she’s naturally beautiful.

Where I feel alive: Leading worship for middle schoolers. I only got to lead worship for the 5-8th graders a few times at our church, but every time I did, I left feeling like my life was complete. When I sang, I could hear the echos of the 40-some kids singing along loudly, lifting up praises to the King of Kings. It was the most beautiful sound. Be lifted high, Savior.

A mystery I love attempting to solve: My friend Cody Brewer. His life is shrouded in mystery – I don’t know the story of his family completely, but every day I learn more. I love being trusted enough for him to open his heart.

A newly discovered joy: My friend and youth pastor at Southwest Christian Church, Tony Carmody, invited me to a college-aged Bible study at his church called “Jesus and Joe”. I went, not sure what to expect, and was faced head-on with a group of intelligent, passionate, loving young people (sprinkled with a few older people to help guide us). We got packets with Scripture on them and were asked to mark a “!” next to passages we found awesome, a “?” next to passages we didn’t understand, and a lightening bolt shape (I don’t have that on my keyboard) next to the things we learned that we never knew before. These readings brought about thought-provoking conversations and intentional explorations into the character of Jesus. It was glorious.

Someone I miss: Branden Lane. The first time I really saw you was when we were defending Christ together. I love your passion and leadership. I enjoyed your company. I haven’t seen you in a while…why is that?

Where I see myself in 5 years: I see myself living in a small house either in Nashville or right outside of it. I might be married, I might not be. I would love to have  a job in Christian music or Christian publishing. I want to be happy, but not have a bunch of money. I want to have a job I love…and preferably be in love.


2 Replies to “A List of Things, People, and Places I Love”

  1. That was sweet! Some of the things you love made me laugh. “Unsuccessful crushes, hairy legs, first kiss-less…” lol I love it. You’re great at writing!

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