Hilton Head: Day 1

At 2pm yesterday, we crossed a bridge across the ocean to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We’re staying in an oceanside condo. It’s a seriously nice place – fully furnished like a house, with the feeling of a hotel. I’m going to post a few pictures to give you insight into the place I’m living for the next few days:

The living room!
Kyle and I’s room!
My dad in front of our condo complex!
The pool – you can see it from our porch!
You can see the ocean from here – just a little – it’s right on the beach!

This place is utterly relaxing. Although I’m not nearly as into Hilton Head as I was into Key West, or the beaches of Sanibel Island, the away-from-reality feeling of the beach is here. Unmistakably. I guess what I don’t like about the island is the preppy-ness. Everyone dresses so preppy – people also walk around with their noses up…like they’re rich and they know it. The vacationers are the rude ones however, not the natives. I love the natives – they’re very accomodating. I’m also not completely sure how I feel about the beach here. I’m used to warm, yellow sand and nearly blue water. This water has a grey tint. The sand is hard and dark grey. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong. Just very different from Florida.

We also went for a bike ride around our condo complex – we biked up to the General Store, which is quite a ways away. It was refreshing to ride bikes again – I literally felt as though I’d forgotten how. My legs were sore afterwards – in a good way. We also went out to dinner at an incredible Mexican restaurant called San Miguels…I got this veggie quesadilla – it rocked my world. San Miguel’s was right on the water – when you looked out, you could see a bunch of docked boats, floating demurely in the harbor as though they were content never to sail again.

We also went to this restaurant called Harold’s Diner, a local restaurant my dad’s friend had recommended. When you walk in, the first thing you notice is how narrow the restaurant is. There’s a row of bar stools, and a few tables along the wall close to the windows. There’s barely room for a person to walk through, much less for a family of 6 to eat lunch. Somehow we managed. We were in for a treat – Harold’s was a place where the customers weren’t always right. Actually, the owner (guess his name…Harold), called my two brothers, I quote, “ugly”, asking how” two ugly boys like them could have a sister as pretty as me”. This made me blush. The employees at Harold’s also squirt customers with water guns, which I witnessed as a huddle of teenage guys came in. When the cook squirt one kid with a water gun, the kid started freaking out, not knowing it was a joke. He left, to return later much calmer than he was previously. I really don’t know how you could take getting shot with a squirt gun that seriously…

At the end of our lunch, Harold gave me a Harold’s Diner t-shirt for free, saying “Because you have such ugly brothers”. When I denied their ugliness, he jokingly threatened to take it back. We had a great meal, if not a strange one.

Day 1: Complete.


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