Time for a Vacation!

On our way to South Carolina – excuse Cooper’s face.

Week off work at Chick-fil-a, time with my family, and a beautiful beach. What could be better?

Today my family and I headed off on a 9-hour drive to Columbia, South Carolina, where we would spend the night before heading to Hilton Head island tomorrow. Right now I’m chilling on my bed in the hotel (Country Inn and Suites) after our day on the road. It was really nice to be able to relax here for the last few hours – Cooper, Kyle and I swam for a while alone in the awesome heated pool at like 11pm, after everyone else had cleared out. Now Coop and I are lying on our respective beds, watching Rush Hour 2 on FX and laughing at Chris Tucker’s hilariousness.

I even got to FaceTime Cody Brewer today – which is a huge accomplishment because Cody is really hard to get ahold of. Between time with his small group boys and working his job for a private company, Cody usually keeps so busy it’s hard to make plans with him. It was really nice to talk to him from South Carolina! Maybe tomorrow we’ll FaceTime from the beach! Who knows.

Cooper just switched the channel to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – my favorite show of ALL TIME. Seriously, I never laugh at TV. I just don’t find any shows humorous – that might sound strange, but I think today’s humor is either super innapropriate (and bad for my heart) or just stupid. I hardly ever laugh at movies either. Will Smith is special. I laugh every single time I watch an episode – repeatedly. The way he plays his self-titled character is ridiculously funny. He’s confident and brash, unrestrained and clever. Gosh I love this show.

Day 1 of vacation has started off so well – and we haven’t even glimpsed the ocean yet! Tomorrow brings untold awesomeness. I’ll keep you posted!



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