Falling from Cloud 9

I woke up to palm trees, an ocean breeze, and a clear mind. I remembered instantly that I wasn’t home in Ohio – I’m in South Carolina, on the way to Hilton Head island. This morning already I watched my foster brother Raulo (he’s 2 1/2) swim in the hotel pool, which is probably the cutest thing ever – his curly hair gets wet and it does all kinds of crazy things – half of it will stand on end, the other half will look straight – if anything, it makes him look even cuter, if that’s possible.

I also had to deal with the sad reality that the Mosers are leaving Ohio today to move to Seattle, Washington. They’re going to be so far away and I don’t get to say a formal goodbye. It’s hard. I know God has amazing plans for them on the West Coast, however. Josh got hired at a church plant as the worship leader. It’s a much smaller church than Southbrook, a mere 300 members as opposed to Southbrook’s 3,000. I can just see the Mosers blending in really well with the social scene and communitiy up there. If anything, it suits their personalities way more than Dayton, Ohio.

So just now I realized like 10 people unfollowed me on Twitter in the last few days. I really need to stop checking WhoUnfollowedMe.com….it’s really devestating my relationships with the people who do unfollow me. I should just let it be anonymous like it’s designed to be. Something inside me just desires to know exactly who unfollowed me when I see my follower count has dropped. Darn insecurity. I just want to make everyone happy, and I can’t all the time…especially when I share my heart. 3 of my friends unfollowed me – no doubt because of my ties with Chick-fil-a and my advocation of the whole “free speech” idea. Although I can see where those against Chick-fil-a’s position are coming from, I think it’s ridiculous to unfollow someone because they support/work for a company that is pushing for politically opposite things. I already shared how I feel about gay marriage! I’m in support of it – because I feel that it’s not my place to be against it! If Dan Cathy is giving money to anti-gay hate groups, then we have beef. (I have heard this mentioned, although I’m not sure of it’s accuracy). As long as Dan Cathy is simply trying to achieve his political agenda with his money, it’s his decision what he does with his money. I can’t eat anything at Chick-fil-a anyways! I’m a vegetarian!

So yeah…right now my father and my brothers are loading up the van…we’re getting ready to head to our Hilton Head condo! I’ll write again really soon. But for now…good morning! 🙂

Good morning from Columbia, South Carolina!

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