Mid-day Thoughts

I’m sitting on my unmade bed in my dimly lit room, staring into space but not thinking anything. I’m happy it’s Sunday. Sunday is debatably my favorite day of the week. Work is closed, I get to go to service at Southbrook and sit with my friends, and I have abosolutely no stress. Nobody asks me to do anything. I have free reign over my Sundays.

I’m currently listening to my friend Josh Ballard’s recommendation on Spotify – Season One by All Sons & Daughters, an awesome worship duet who surround the listener with beautiful melodies and harmonies. I envy Josh. He’s interested in working in the Music Biz as well – he’s on his senior year at UK, and he’s pursuing work in Nashville. He just got back from his trip there for the Immerse conference, which I attended last year. He’s going down in 3 weeks again to meet with people. Apperently he has 8 meetings set up already. Things are falling in place for Josh. It’s cool to see someone a little while ahead of me in this journey encountering success.

I feel stagnant right now. Like my faith isn’t moving. My life isn’t moving. I’m just sititing still, turning my wheels though I’m stuck in the mud. It’s a terrible feeling. I’m just stuck in laziness. Stuck in boredom. I’m watching the days drip by until August 17th – the day I start at Cedarville. I need motivation, energy, passion. Jesus, come quickly.

My dear friend Barb Engle (a janitor at Springboro High School) is in desperate need of prayer. She recently had a cancerous tumor removed from her lungs. She’s in recovery, but isn’t doing well. My mom visited her today and she didn’t want my brothers and I to see her in the condition she was in. She’s weak. She’s probably one of the sweetest, most selfless people I’ve ever met in my entire life. She is 75 years old and still dedicated to her job. She loves people so well – she gives nearly the entire teaching staff gifts whenever she gets the chance – she loves to give things away for the sheer joy it brings her. She’s blessed my life in so many ways. I want her to pull out of this but I don’t know God’s will. If you could just pray that God’s will would be done in her life I’m sure she would really appreciate it. Barb’s been like a grandma to me. I’m so thankful for who she’s been in my life these last few years.

Tonight is our 3rd to last Epic Unplugged (our youth group’s summer sessions, where we meet at different people’s houses) and the Moser’s are leading worship. Josh and Julie are so awesome – (I babysat their cats and house last weekend). They’re moving to Washington state this coming Sunday. They were/are a huge part of church at Southbrook. Josh leads worship for the students ages 6th-12th grade and does a remarkable job. He’s extremely talented, and over the years he’s exposed me to the worship songs I love most dearly. This past year I was his intern…I learned a lot from him. Josh is really wise and has an interesting perspective on worship, church, and life itself. His wife, Julie, is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I really admire their marriage because they so perfectly complete each other. Where Josh is professional, Julie is caring. Where Josh is calculating and precise, Julie is warm and loving. I personally am going to miss them tremendously. I think Josh is Southbrook’s best worship leader. They’ll be missed dearly…but I can see Washington being perfect for them. It’s obvious God has a vision for them that they’re fufilling with this move. Tonight’s worship set will be the last thing they do with Epic…probably for a long time. I might cry. There’s about an 85% chance.

They’ve blessed my life with their love.

Josh and Julie Moser leading worship at Butler Springs Christian Camp the first year I attended, in 2007, right before they got married. I admired them so much!

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