Cat-sitting for the Mosers!

Sunshine playing with the toy I brought over!


Griffin and Sunshine eating.

So today I journeyed from my house to the lovely home of my friends Julie and Josh Moser to babysit their cats Sunshine, Griffin, and Pneuma while they’re away. I love their house – it’s full of relics that reflect their personalities. It’s cozy, comfortable, and cute. Honestly, I hope my house is just like theirs when I get one.

I walk into their house today and immediately am greeted by 3 sets of giant eyes. Since I’ve never babysat for cats before, my first instinct was to call them by their names. So I commence introducing myself to them, although we’ve already met, and continue rambling to them about how excited I am to be watching them for a couple of days. They looked at me like I am completely insane. Which is probably true. There’s just something about cats that is remarkably human.

I arrived at the Moser’s at around 3, and left at like 8 to go home and exchange cars (my car has a nasty habit of randomly sounding the alarm, requiring me to hit a button to make it stop). When I returned with my Mom’s van, I brought with me an awesome cat toy – basically, a bunch of threads attached to a stick – which Sunshine loved but Griffin just sniffed at and walked away. I feel like Griffin is just warming up to me and isn’t really sure how to feel yet. Sunshine just loves everyone and Pneuma is the same way.

I also, in the last couple of hours, decided to pick up knitting. Mom and I tried this a couple of years ago, me getting stuff to crochet and her getting stuff to knit, and we epic-ly failed. We never even produced any stitches – apperently it was too hard? I’m hoping that this time around I can actually learn to knit. So 15 minutes before Joann Fabrics closed tonight I ran in, got some knitting needles and some awesome mustard yellow thread (I have in my mind this incredible thick mustard-yellow scarf that I could create) and got out just as the store was closing.  Wish me luck!

Griffin chilling on Josh and Julie’s bed!
Sunshine looking all regal.
Sunshine and Pneuma chilling together in the sunlight.
Pretty kitty!

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