Mint Green and Pastries

In an attempt to go to bed fairly early tonight, I’m trying to type this blog post as quickly as possible. Please forgive any rushed-ness you may feel in my writing: I’m tired.

Today I helped my friend Timmy Clifton clean his room. A couple of days ago, right after he got back from his month-and-a-half long trip to Mexico (he was serving with an awesome ministry called Back-to-Back in Monterrey), we hung out, and I asked Timmy when we’d be able to hang out again, and work on music. We actually wrote a song together about 2 months ago, called “The Reason”. It’s a fantastic song, if I do say so myself. I couldn’t wait to pick it up again with him. Timmy said he’s leaving for Kentucky soon, but in the meantime he needed to clean his room. Apperently being gone for a month in a half doesn’t completely evaporate the temporal problem of a messy living space. So I offered to help him. (I actually like to clean; I like the end result. My room is always clean). So today, Timmy texts me. He asks “Do you REALLY like to clean?” I say yes. He says “Do you want to help me?” I say sure. I’m almost to his house, and I get a text warning me that this was going to be quite an undertaking. And that it was. We desend the steps to his basement where he lives, and I’m blown away by the sheer amount of STUFF littering his floor, bed, and couch. I could barely see the floor. It looked like the show about hoarding. Not kidding. So we set to work. We sorted things into “Trash”, “Give Away”, and “Recycle”, and we organized boxes of random things left and right. Pieces of Timmy’s life laid splayed around the room – pilot stuff, knitting needles and a half-finished project, Boy Scout medals, pieces of a computer he ripped apart, guitars, various tools, a half-finished rector set of the Capitol Building. After about an hour, we had everything cleaned up (with only 3 boxes on the floor and relatively the entire floor space visible) and two trash bags full of junk. We sat outside for 10 minutes afterwards, Timmy tinkering around on his guitar and slipping in and out of the chords of “The Reason”. We didn’t do anything serious with the song today – we just refreshed it in Timmy’s memory after so long.

I went home after this, leaving again soon after to go to the Greene with my friend Kelsey Richard. I had a coupon for the Noodle Company, so we dined there, me on a Veggie Med and her on some pasta. Both of our dinners were way too spicy; we spent our time at dinner drinking our beverages in inhuman glups and coughing ridiculously. It was really nice to talk to Kelsey. As she said tonight, she is a self-proclaimed “private person”, so I was honored that she shared her heart with me. I’m praying that she realizes her own worth and makes decisions based on who she is in Christ!

Kelsey and I walked around the pristine campus of the Greene for a while, floating in and out of the overly expensive stores. We drifted into Delia’s, a store I don’t often frequent in person but stalk everyday of my life online. I actually built a whole wishlist filled with their clothing – I like a lot of it, which is pretty unusual for me. I’m definitely more of a thrift store girl than a clothing chain store kinda girl. So we go in, and I automatically start looking for this beautiful mint green dress I saw online. I couldn’t find it at first. I found it in every other color, and I was getting really disappointed. Then, I saw it. I grabbed it, and headed to the dressing room with Kelsey. We tried our respective dresses on, and I absolutely loved these dresses on us! We took the typical girl pictures in front of the


….mirror…so stereotypical!

Then we went hunting around for pastries…because I was craving one. I ended up with Caribou Coffee’s banana bread. Yum…. 🙂


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