Recap: #Follow – Butler Springs Christian Camp. Year 2.

I can’t even begin to express my disappointment right now. I had a draft typed up, totalling probably 10,000 words, and just now, I accidently hit the backspace key a few times and it disappeared. I didn’t panic, figuring WordPress would have backed it up somehow, someway. Nope. I searched through my drafts folders and in every possible location it could be hiding. Not there. Not anywhere. It’s gone forever. I spent so much time typing that. I guess it’s better to stop dwelling on what just happen and work on recording the memories of this past week at Butler Springs all over again. I want to make sure you, dear reader, get a great impression of what this week felt like for me, an 18-year-old girl leading a group of 14 twelve and thirteen year olds in discovering more and more about who this Jesus guy really is.

On Saturday, July 7th, my friends Zach Muller and Cody Brewer and I stepped out of Cody’s car after the long hour-and-a-half drive to Hillsboro, OH, AKA the boondocks of our fine state. Cell service disappeared. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. We had spent the ride together lost in nostalgia, blaring songs from our own days at Butler Springs that we never really stopped loving. The most beloved of those songs is Hillsong’s “All of the Above” anthem “Break Free”. We screamed the passionate chorus at the top of our lungs as we sped along country roads surrounded on every side with lush hills. So would you break free, would you break free/Get up and dance in His love/So would you break free, break free/Get up and dance in his love/His love never ending/

Saturday brought teambuilding, and lots of it. Jarod Christman (our dean) found it abosolutely vital that the leaders be on the same page and able to work together to solve problems in order to lead kids, so we spend the day on the High and Low Ropes courses and playing games that seem ridiculous but really work to build trust among teammates. The High Ropes course, while much loved by many fearless campers and leaders alike, is not my friend. I braved it once – when I was a young, immature incoming freshman and I was completely head over heels in love with a kid named Matt. I knew the ropes course required a partner, so in my lovestruck state I foolishly released my fears in the name of love. Bad idea. I spent my time on the ropes course scared out of my mind but still trying to impress this guy that I realize now never liked me. Let’s just say I sat this one out, chilling on the picnic table under the course. The day was a hot and humid one, with temperatures around 105 degrees in reality and feeling more like 110. At one point I started zoning out as all my adventurous and fearless friends darted around the ropes course, laughing and balancing on thin metal wires as they attempted to walk (Andrew Beal got caught in a rope at one point and was completely laying down, looking like a fish as he struggled to stop laughing enough to let his partner Chad lift him up). As I was zoning out, I neglected to realize how strange it was that cool drops of wetness were landing on my head as I sat there. I just thought, “That feels nice on my parched skin”. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t raining anywhere else except right above me until people around me started moving away and I looked above me to see a very sweaty Matt Miller shaking his sweat-covered body over the picnic table to rain down sweat on us sitting there. Yum.

Sunday brought an influx of campers, meaning a huge amount of minivans, moms and dads, and carelessly packed bags ridiculously overpacked with items that won’t be utilized.

I’ll finish this story for you tomorrow. There’s a lot to tell, and I want to make sure I tell it well. Goodnight for now!


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