I’m home! #Follow was a #Success.

After traversing the hour and a half long drive home from one of the farthest, most unexplored towns of Ohio, Hillsboro,  (AKA fields of corn and grass where Amish people drive their horses and buggies), I sit here, delighted that my laptop is comfortably back in my lap, and that my blog has been here all along, waiting for me to return.  What is the Internet? I seem to have forgotten during my week away from reality, in the middle of the woods, without cell service or my computer.

It would take me hours upon hours to recount all the memories that were created this past week at Butler Springs Christian Camp. Unfortunately, I’m completely exhausted. The camp routine (getting up at 8 every morning and going to bed every night past midnight) has worn away my energy and taken me prisoner. The only way to fight it is to sleep. Now. In my own comfy-as-I’ll-get-out bed. Tomorrow I will give you all the details of this past week!

It’s so good to be home.


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