It was a good night. I visited the campus of  the Victory Project, an awesome organization dedicated to keeping young men off the streets and out of trouble. The folks at VP work with kids who have been in juvenile detention and those in risk of going (due to rough home situations, etc) to try to get their lives turned around. And guess what? It’s all done in Jesus’ name.

The place is hoppin’ – the basement walls (where we ate dinner and had bible study) were covered in graffiti – Mariah and I took a picture with it. The guys were friendly and likeable; a kid named Willy talked to us about Tenth Avenue North and “tutted” to a dubstep song. “Tutting” is dancing that involves a lot of stop motion hand gestures.

We listened to Tony (our resident youth pastor) talk about Jesus turning water into wine – asking us prior to beginning his exegesis “What would Jesus have been like at a party, assuming people were drinking and getting drunk”?. This prompted a variety of answers, most people assuming Jesus would have corrected the drinkers. For some reason, most of us envision Jesus condemning those drinking (even getting drunk) at the party, when honestly, he just wanted to see the party continue! (see John 2) C’mon, the guy made gallons and gallons of wine out of water. It teaches us something valuable about Jesus – he is always willing to look past sin (in this case, excessive drinking). It was an interesting perspective on a story that had gotten stale to me.

It was breathtaking to see the joy of the guys at the Victory Project. God is doing big things in Dayton through the passion and conviction he’s given a few men.

Nolan, Mariah and I stopped afterwards to get some iced cream and share in each other’s sufferings. I say this literally. Turns out we’re all having intense family issues. We were able to confess our families’ imperfections and find freedom. Keep our imperfect families in your prayers, if you would.

Then I saw The Amazing Spider-Man with Cody and Cooper. Aside from the 20 minutes of trying to save 2 seats prior to the show and constantly panicking that someone was going to yell at me for breaking “movie theater code”, I had a fantastic time. It was a great movie, filled with endearing moments. It was grounded on genuine relationships, love, and family. Do you know what I mean? There were no cheap tricks or dirty jokes in this movie. No rauchy sex scenes or horribly violent moments that make you cringe. It was clean, quality entertainment.

I went home making spidey sounds and pretending I could shoot webs out of my wrists.

The Amazing Spider-Man transported me into a world more fantastic than my own.


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