Tonight at Bill’s…the Donut Man

Today I felt like I was dissolving into nothingness. I laid around my house trying desperately to feed my lonely and bored soul with temporary fixes – my computer, books, a movie – I was honestly just dying for fellowship.

8 o’clock rolled around and I finally escaped the confines of my home to share life with a few great people at bible study – which I just recently rediscovered – I hadn’t been in months until last week. My absence was purposeful neglect – I didn’t feel like bible study had any redeeming value to me any more. It had become 2 hours of goofing off and awkward conversations with people who pretended we’re friends.  So when I went back last week with my brother in tow, I was half-ready to get back in the car and head home as we stood on the porch contemplating whether or not to go in. We ended up choosing the former – and we spent a good two hours talking about Proverbs – and what it means to be truly wise (wisdom has always been an avenue of curiosity for me). I walked away from bible study happy I, like the Prodigal Son, had returned.

Tonight after bible study, this week’s lesson being a bit more relaxed, and including a 20 minute long discussion about salvation because a new, unchurched kid was visiting, my friends Zach, Kate, Cody, and my brother Cooper and I went to local donut shop Bill’s.  When I inquired to my friends as to what time the store actually closed, seeing that we were fast approaching 10:30 pm, they responded “Never”.

As we stood in line to get our overly-unhealthy snacks (well, I got a muffin, so maybe not TOO unhealthy), I noted the tired appearance of the workers, who looked bleary-eyed and tired of no-good bible study punks like us who interuppted their temporary lull in business.

I devoured a carrot-cake rasin cream cheese muffin, loving every bite, as we five crammed into one small booth. We talked about Butler Springs this coming week, about our fears and our sources of joy, about our questions and about our anxieties. (I’ll be writing a very informative blog post about Butler in the days to come if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about).

Then we sat outside for a while, cross-legged on the warm pavement bordering the parking lot. We sat in the warm glow of the streetlamps, watching cars pull swiftly into the parking lot only to leave within minutes with their late-night baked goods.

Cody snapped this picture of Cooper and I (above), and I snapped a picture of him. So HA, Cody.

I love good endings to boring days.


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