Romantic Musings

I love that feeling of potential. Do you understand what I mean? That beautiful border line between friendship and romance where things are free to be whatever they want to be, no obligations or worries. I’m certainly not promoting the “friends with benefits” idea, I simply just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of mutual liking that is the fine line between a friendship and a romance. I could actually set up camp and just live on that line. For the rest of my life.

Romance is too scary for me right now. Every time I think I’m ready for it, I just end up running away screaming. Most of the time it’s because I’m scared. Every time romance rears her beautiful head I end up being so scared of what might come I just run away, heading for the hills, hoping she won’t find me again but secretly hoping she actually does so I can stop being so scared.

I’m not mature enough to be in a relationship. I am still in the process of growing and everytime I try to rush that process God always slows me down and kind of whispers that the time isn’t here yet. That I have to wait, because his special someone is coming. Just a little bit longer, he says.

Soon, he says.


4 Replies to “Romantic Musings”

  1. Very poetic! I’d love to live on that line, but don’t be afraid to throw yourself out there a little, he may be closer than you think…. 😉

  2. I think you know me, I just don’t talk to you a whole bunch 🙂 (If it helps, my name isn’t Kayla, I just like that name, and I think I’ll just stay Kayla) lol, it’s easier.
    Isn’t that line you talked about hard to live on though? Through the eyes of the world, that line is impossible, and it has to be more, (or less), so how do you do it?

    1. Yes, it is hard to live on. I don’t think it’s impossible, however. You’re right in saying that things either lean towards friendship or romance over time. There’s always a stage of friendship, right before romance, that is described in this post. I wasn’t necessarily saying that I want to live there forever. I just like being there while the oppportunity exists – when space exists – between friendship and romance. 🙂 And I would really love to know who you are. It’s freaking me out that I don’t…

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