Panera Bread in a Tornado, anyone?

So yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with my friend Branden Lane. He lives in Tipp City (far away, right?), is learning how to be a welder (interesting, right?) and he abosolutely loves Jesus. He’s passionate about Leadership (a group at his chuch in which he leads a small group with younger guys) and worship and Christian rap music. As we drove around yesterday from place to place, we worshipped to everything from Hillsong United to Andy Mineo to Lecrae to Elevation Worship. It was awesome.

First we got Panera. We were inturrupted by a huge storm. First the power went off, plunging us into darkness right in the middle of our dinner. We paused for a minute, looking around. Then we went right back into our conversation as though nothing had happened. We casually chatted about the probability that we would survive to see tomorrow as the wind buffeted trees outside the restaurant to almost a horizontal position. People attempted to leave, but they were soon ushered back inside by the insane winds. We looked out into the Dayton Mall parking lot and saw swirling winds near the ground. I was freaking out, but Branden was pretty relaxed in the face of death so I too was calmed.

After the winds settled, and the rain downpoured for a good 20 minutes.

Then we escaped, back onto the roads. The rest of the night we spent going from place to place, eventually ending up at my friend Ian Wright’s house to watch Mean Girls. I hadn’t seen the whole thing until yesterday.

It was so dumb. Yet so….endearing.

Darn you, Lindsey Lohan.


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