first day at chick-fil-a! hey, that rhymes!

so today was my first day at Chick-fil-a.

I experienced every kind of nervousness possible for a new recruit. i panicked that i was supposed to report at 6 AM instead of 6 PM  (like I thought I was supposed to). i worried that my black wrinkle-resistant twill pants with inside back pockets would somehow still be incorrect. i wondered if my purple hair would peek through and if corporate would stop in and yell at my small little rebellion against conformity.

in the end, all my worries were dispelled. i walked in, sat next to my other newly hired friend, and with my nervous style of joking, i made small talk as we waited to be shown a video about food safety. as the video began, my friend and I (my friend who has a very complicated, unique name that I haven’t quite grasped yet) made jokes about the absurdity of some of the rules (wearing 3 layers of gloves to clean up body fluids) and making sure you washed your hands twice when you went to the restroom. after a mere hour and ten minutes, blissfully, it ended, and we proceeded to get the other half of our uniforms on – the signature maroon “team member” shirts and my very own namebadge. Then we really got to training. We were re-introduced to where everything was located around the kitchen, which was filled with people cooking food, washing dishes, cutting up chicken, and making salads. it was a noisy and friendly bustle of people going about their assignments. i tried frantically to remember all the things Robin, my supervisor, was telling me. Okay, lift up the lemonade and put it into the dispenser when I see it’s getting low. Always ask the customer for the kind of sauces they want, or you’ll hold up the kitchen people. Make sure you use the red cleaning supplies for front line. Say “My pleasure”. Always ask “Dine in or carry out?”

Probably the coolest part of the night was meeting my dear friend Julie Moser’s cousin Kayla, who works at Chick-fil-a as well. She asked my name in the middle of showing me how to make coffee and when I answered “Angela!” she exclaimed, “I’m Julie Moser’s cousin!” We talked about Josh and Julie and Southbrook Christian Church and by the end of the conversation I realized I already had made a friend.

I’m pretty sure I caught a good 30% of everything Robin told me. so much information crammed into my brain…can’t….think….what…is…my…name?

can’t wait to work tomorrow!

“For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him”

– Romans 8:28


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